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This game is awesome! 

but I have a question. How do I uninstall it? 

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying it! And you should just be able to delete the initial file folder/.zip you downloaded! 

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.


I love this game! It's very cute and charming, and the characters are all lovable. I found myself a little sad when it was over.

Always remember that no matter how sad you are when you have to leave friends or family, there's a part of you that stays behind in one another's hearts haha! ♡ Thanks so much for playing and enjoying our warm story (:


An Incredible adventure! I enjoyed every minute of it! Here is the final part of the series covering this game in full! Huge thanks to the devs! Hope to see more from you all in the future! 

A huge, huge thanks to you for covering this lil' piece of our hearts! It means tons that you covered the game; and the whole thing too! We hope to make more wholesome games in the future and good luck on all your endeavors as well! 


I had some fun playing this! I like that it's a cute friendship building game with an air of mystery to it! Plus the simple design of the world and characters make it charming! I did a playthrough of it on my channel, if you'd like to check it out if you're on the fence about playing this little gem!

Though one minor thing is that I had to download it from the actual web page and I couldn't download it and install it via the Launcher. I'm not entirely sure why? But that didn't really bother me too much.

Thank you tons for doing a playthrough on your channel on top of enjoying the world and it's characters! We also absolutely love your narration haha! Not sure about the problem downloading it through the itchio launcher though; we will definitely check into it. Thanks for letting us know!

Umm.... I can't download the game ;-;

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Does the download button not pop up for you? Could be a connection/browser error? Let me know! :)


Here is Part 2! This game is much longer than I thought it would be and I am loving every second of it :)

It's been so fun seeing you play through! We're loving the narration haha! 


It's a cool game so far! Will be finishing it soon.

My heart exploded when you compared our game to "My Sims". That was definitely one of my favorite games growing up! Thanks so much for the cover! 


Charming, lighthearted fun. A wonderful game! 

Your cover of our game is extremely cute and comparing it to Animal Crossing made us feel amazing! Thank you! :)


Awesome! I like this game. 😊

Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying it! (: 


Such a great little game. Maybe little is the wrong word, this game was much longer than I expected so my coverage will be coming in parts. So here is Part 1 of Shipping Out! Expect Part 2 very soon! Awesome job devs! I found myself endlessly captivated by this game and intrigued by the mystery all the way to the end! 

So glad you're enjoying our game! Thanks incredibly much for doing such a nice coverage/gameplay of it! Also that thumbnail is 🙌⭐

Can't wait to see the rest!


As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

Super appreciated!! ^-^


Hey, I loved the game and I'm planning on covering it for my YouTube channel. One comment though: on my second school day, I selected to hang out with Natalie, but I ended up randomly hanging out with Keith instead? Not sure if that's a bug or something? 

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We're actually deploying a hotfix very soon that will address many issues, so we'll look into that as well! Thanks for the report/feedback and for enjoying our game! Looking forward to seeing you cover Shipping Out! 


This is effin awesome!! One question tho, Can we play this while windowed--? 

Thanks bunches!! ^-^ And yes! Just hit this checkbox to play in windowed mode!


This looks so cute! Are there any plans to add an OSX version?

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Thanks so so much! And we're exploring our options, but we don't have any plans for an OSX release currently!