Play as a cute little pup that needs to stock his shop before the day is over! Catch all the fruit you can before time runs out! Watch out! Be careful not to slip on splattered fruit when it hits the ground!

***Update: An greatly updated version of Pupper Plight is coming to mobile with brand new visuals, features, and more! Look forward to it late this summer! 


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really cute game!! a bit hard but just needs some getting used to =)


Adorable, you've done a great job! It's a fun and simple game. I can actually see this translating to mobile quite well, with progression in the levels (perhaps travelling around the world, changing the "scene" a little bit), little power ups (speed, larger basket, invincibility from fallen fruit etc), and a certain "score" that you have to get by the end of each level to progress.

One possible tweak to make might be to reduce the possible spawn points of the fruit to be within the possible distance the player can travel. This is just because sometimes a fruit spawns over the total other side of the screen, and the player has no chance of collecting the fruit. Whereas if it was always "possible", you could even have an achievement mechanic like a "perfect level" where you don't drop ANY fruit.

Sorry for the rambling! Of course it's also totally fine to shelve this and move on to your next awesome project :)

I had actually though about adding power ups initially, but realized that that might be too much for me to implement in two weeks haha! (I might add them in the future as I plan to make a mobile version!) I absolutely LOVE the idea of traveling around the world/level progression! That would make the game even more charming as he could maybe be a traveling pup selling his fruits <3  I wanted to make the player feel as if as long as they caught as much as they could, they would feel satisfied, but since I have had few people tell me that the game seems a little too difficult because of that very long-distance fruit spawning thing ,  I might just add another aspect to the game to be able to get a perfect score or something similar like you suggested! And oh no don't apologize for taking the time to give me such awesome feedback! I will take all of these under thorough consideration! Thanks so much :)


A little difficult but once we took the hand, we get to make better scores. I like colorful graphics like that.

Thanks so much! I tried to make it pretty challenging to keep the game fresh along with having a bright palette!

Is there an HTML5 version? I would like to add your game on my site if you wish.

Interesting! What site would that be?

I am a french developer and webmaster. This is the site