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Good game but the camera is going too under the player and I want it fixed. There should also be more levels and objects to make it better.


Going around and playing this game for about 15 minuts first in the attic and then the main game.  I did see there are more areas to posibly get into.  Id love to see more devepoment on this game.   I had a blast playing this Game.  <3

Thank you so much for playing & making a nice "let's play" of our game! Glad you enjoyed it! (: 

Your very welcome ^^


Here's my mini review:
Okay firstly this game is adorable shoutouts to all the devs and artist who assembled this project! Now for the boring but useful information regarding my thoughts on the game. I didn't run into any serious problems besides some glaring clipping issues and the camera could be optimized better imo as getting up the ramp in the attic would sometimes lead me to a top down view which prevented me from going up the slope. Also some objects that I should be able to absorb just wouldn't let me for whatever reason like the group of plates with the pies on it in the attic on them, one of the pies would not let me eat it. (Invincible pie should be a feature) I also had a few clipping issues with our jelly friend's face with its body but that's nothing game breaking. I wish that the allotted time was custom or longer as I could only get so big before the timer ran out but I did enjoy getting as big as I could within that time maybe a faster movement option can resolve this. I also thought it could be better indicated what objects can and can't be eaten maybe giving the objects you can't eat a red highlight or something like that. All of that aside I really enjoyed this and hope to see more from this team either as individuals or another collaboration! I'll give this a solid 7.5/10 in its current state and i'm positive it can be improved upon.